Psalmus 57. Official Videl18-10-2013

Psalmus 57. New video 

Dies Irae SALE $501-08-2013

Buy "Dies Irae" at $5 here:

Dies Irae FREE24-04-2013

Dies Irae is FREE for a limited period of time. 
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Atrium Animae on Bandcamp31-12-2012

Atrium Animae on Projekt Bandcamp, the Official Projekt Bandcamp site. Listen or immediate download of 7-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC

Ondarock INTERVIEW. Atrium Animae. Trascendenze dark-wave16-10-2012

The long and beatiful interview "Trascendenze dark-wave" for Ondarock, the N.1 italian music webzine [in Italian, with an English translation]. 
Read the interview in the INTERVIEWS section.

Heathen Harvest Periodical REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae22-02-2012

RATING 5/5! 
"“Dies Irae” is perfect in every way one chooses to look at it, displaying an incredibly elevated level of technical achievement, in vocal performances as well as orchestrations and execution [...]. 
Whatever musical influences are discerned in the beginning are quickly put away, as this recording stands out in its own right as one of the best in the genre. 
Genuinely emotional music that burns bright to the heart’s very core, casting off all layers of superficiality with a remarkable ease, as precise in its certainty as is the calling of true, sincere faith. 
The experience is similar to a personal revelation, and in that sense it remains true to the origins and purpose of religion. 
Regardless of the beliefs you hold it is impossible not to be moved by it."
Started in 2003 as a column ("The Heathen Harvest Music Review") of the "Radical Faeries Digest" print magazine, Heathen Harvest is a reference point of the post-industrial, neoclassical, neofolk movement.  
Read the review in the REVIEWS section.

Carpe Nocturne Magazine REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae22-02-2012

"Now this is not something you see everyday" 
Carpe Nocturne Magazine is an on-line publication of Enlightened Darkness Publishing.  
Read the review in the REVIEWS section.

RITUAL Magazine INTERVIEW. Atrium Animae. Anime Inquiete09-01-2012

Another fantastic interview "Anime Inquiete" [in Italian] this time for Ritual Magazine. 
:RITUAL: is the first and only official Italian magazine dedicated to the dark, goth, electro, industrial, ambient, black metal and avantgarde music, scene and culture. Out every 2 months in 25.000 copies. 
Read the review/interview in the INTERVIEWS section.

TSGO 2011: Top Twenty Goth/Darkwave Albums of 201118-12-2011

"Dies Irae" is in TheSkysGoneOut, TSGO 2011: Top Twenty Goth/Darkwave Albums of 2011, the twenty best Goth and Darkwave albums of 2011. 
20. Soft Kill - “An Open Door” 
19. S.C.U.M - “Again Into Eyes” 
18. Warm Ghost - “Narrows” 
17. The Spiritual Bat - “Cruel Machine” 
16. DarkDriveClinic – “Noise In My Head” / Collide – “Counting to Zero” 
15. Be Forest - ”Cold”  
14. Bestial Mouths - “Hissing Veil” 
13. Atrium Animae - “Dies Irae” [Purchase] 
12. Seventh Harmonic - “Garden of Dilmun” 
11. Austra – “Feel It Break” 
10. Tropic of Cancer - “The End of All Things” 
09. Strap On Halo - “The Dead Don’t Lie” 
08. Gazelle Twin - “The Entire City” 
07. Peter Murphy - “Ninth” 
06. Soriah with Ashkelon Sain - “Eztica” 
05. HTRK - ”Work (Work, Work)” 
04. Chelsea Wolfe - “Apokalypsis” 
03. The Machine in The Garden - ”Before and After the Storm” 
02. Esben and the Witch – “Violet Cries”  
01. Zola Jesus - “Conatus” 

Atrium Animae. "Dies Irae" in Top 2011 of UnheimlicH Magazine [Argentina]18-12-2011

"Dies Irae" is featured in the Top 2011 issue of the Argentinian magazine UnheimlicH Magazine. 
Read the PDF here: 
Read the review in the REVIEWS section, and download the PDF.

"Dies Irae" #2 in the "ADSOP’s Top Ten Albums of 2011"11-12-2011

"Dies Irae" reaches #2 position in the "ADSOP’s Top Ten Albums of 2011". We wish to thank this excellent radio show, and, in particular, Jason Pitzl-Waters ..thank you so much 
ADSOP’s Top Ten Albums of 2011 
10. Metal Mother - “Bonfire Diaries” 
09. The Moon and The Nightspirit - “Mohalepte” 
08. Arborea - “Red Planet” 
07. Seventh Harmonic - “Garden of Dilmun” 
06. Faun - “Eden” 
05. Julianna Barwick - ”The Magic Place” 
04. Bjork - “Biophilia” 
03. The Machine in The Garden - ”Before and After the Storm” 
02. Atrium Animae - “Dies Irae” [Purchase] 
01. Soriah with Ashkelon Sain - “Eztica” 
02. Atrium Animae - “Dies Irae”  
Track played on the show: Psalmus 57 
"The Italian band Atrium Animae was formed in 2007, their name is “considered as a symbolic representation of the passage from physical world toward an immaterial world.” The heavenly soprano of Alessia Cicala, a member of the band Chirleison, partnered with the compositions of Massimiliano Picconi, together create music on their debut “Dies Irae” that is stately in its atmosphere, a sacred enveloping that is almost funerial in outlook. Or as the band’s promotional material puts it: “A symbolic voyage in a silent wasteland made of treachery, defeat and spiritual hunger. A world where the locked embrace of loss and despair are represented through a reinterpretation of passages taken from religious and pagan texts.” Sublime, and an excellent addition to the genre of neoclassical darkwave."

Atrium Animae | Rex Gloriae [Official]01-12-2011

Our first official video “Rex Gloriae”, from the album “Dies Irae” (Projekt Records) is now online.  
This video is dedicated to Barbara Cicala, the contralto voice of this song, who lost her long battle against a rare form of cancer on November 15, 2011 at the age of 35. 
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Rex Gloriae. Video Premiere on Rockerilla Magazine24-11-2011

"Dopo il grandissimo successo di critica del loro splendido album neoclassico-sinfonico Dies Irae (Project Records) presso le migliori testate rock, metal e goth europee, il duo cagliaritano ATRIUM ANIMAE faranno uscire il 1 di Dicembre 2011 il primo video tratto da suddetto lavoro, Rex Gloriae, che Rockerilla è orgoglioso di presentare in anteprima." 

Lux Atenea REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae23-11-2011

"Sin duda alguna, “Dies Irae” no es solamente el álbum neoclásico por excelencia entre todos los que se han publicado en este año 2011, sino que se ha convertido en uno de los trabajos más destacados en toda la historia de la música neoclásica debido al derecho que les otorga la sublime calidad atesorada en esta auténtica joya discográfica.[...]  
Todo melómano que ame, cuide y mime su colección discográfica privada para su apasionado disfrute, debería tener una edición original de “Dies Irae” si desea seguir teniendo en sus manos a la crème de la crème de las mejores ediciones góticas publicadas en las últimas décadas. “Dies Irae”, con este álbum, Atrium Animae ha creado un excelso trabajo destinado a convertirse en la indiscutible referencia musical dentro de la escena neoclásica más innovadora para los próximos años."
Read the review in the REVIEWS section.

LOUD! Magazine REVIEW+INTERVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae24-10-2011

"Dies Irae é a melhor coisa que aconteceu à cena sinfónica e neo-clássica em muito tempo" 
LOUD! Magazine is the Portuguese market leader in the metal press, in continuous existence for 10+ years, more than 125 issues published. It is the monthly reference for every Portuguese metalhead, with a national covering in distribution 10.000 circulation. 
Read the review/interview in the INTERVIEWS section.

:Ritual: Magazine REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae20-10-2011

"Sette brani (come i sette peccati capitali, come i sette sigilli), un numero magico scelto non a caso, nei quali le voci si fondono in un amalgama perfetto" 
:RITUAL: is the first and only official Italian magazine dedicated to the dark, goth, electro, industrial, ambient, black metal and avantgarde music, scene and culture. Out every 2 months in 25.000 copies. 
Read the review in the REVIEWS section.

Elegy Magazine REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae29-09-2011

"Un tombeau des espoirs qui a la beauté d'une cathédrale." 
Elegy is the first French magazine dedicated to the dark and alternative music and culture. Created in 1998, this bimestrial magazine offers interviews of bands but also of painters, photographers, writers, directors...  
Read the review in the REVIEWS section.

Ver Sacrum REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae20-09-2011

"Un disco di elevatissima qualità che non esiterei a consigliare a chiunque sia affascinato dalle sonorità di cui abbiamo fin qui parlato..." 
Read the review in the REVIEWS section or on Ver Sacrum.

Terrorizer Magazine REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae15-09-2011

"Alessia Cicala's vocals could teach the current plague of symphonic metal bands much..." 
Terrorizer is the world's most authoritative extreme music magazine since 1993. 
Read the review in the REVIEWS section.

Darkroom Magazine INTERVIEW. Atrium Animae. "Visioni Sacre"14-09-2011

The full-length version of our interview on Darkroom Magazine, previously published for Inferno Rock Magazine. For those who don't speak Italian, this is a (poor) translation made by Google Translator 
Read the interview in the INTERVIEWS section or on Darkroom Magazine.

Ascension Magazine REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae14-09-2011

"Un disco fascinosamente cupo, una grotta di suoni e pindarici volteggi vocali tra le cui stalattiti si nascondono volti di statue pagane scolpite da chissà quale antico popolo conoscitore della vita come della morte". Ascension Magazine 
Read the review in the REVIEWS section.

Side-Line REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae26-08-2011

"I can’t remember to have ever heard a ‘darker’ release on Projekt [...] 'Dies Irae' is from a pure musical point of view still surprising. Music and vocals together are in perfect balance with each other [...] A terrific debut CD maybe revealing the latest sensation from Italy". 
"Side-Line" [Belgium], a daily updated news site on gothic, electro and industrial music, reaching 65.000 music fans per day. 
Read the review in the REVIEWS section or on Side-Line magazine.

The Big Takeover REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae25-08-2011

"It’s strangely refreshing to hear the apocalypse transmitted with such haunting beauty." 
"The Big Takeover" magazine, a bi-annual music magazine published out of New York City since 1980 with most recent issues coming in around 200 glossy pages.  
Read the review in the REVIEWS section or on The Big Takeover magazine.

Rosa Selvaggia REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae28-07-2011

"I tratti fortemente neoclassici di Dies Irae, pregno di elaborate parti vocali polifoniche, danno vita ad una cappa plumbea pregna di disperazione eppur di rara bellezza estetica....“Doom” sinfonico per il XXI secolo." Rosa Selvaggia Obscure Magazine  
Read the review in the REVIEWS section or on Rosa Selvaggia.

Sounds Behind The Corner INTERVIEW. Atrium Animae. "Il Mediterraneo mistico degli Atrium Animae, tra onde sonore e profumi antichi"19-07-2011

Another amazing interview "Il Mediterraneo mistico degli Atrium Animae, tra onde sonore e profumi antichi" [in Italian] this time for Sounds Behind The Corner
Read the interview in the INTERVIEWS section or on Sounds Behind The Corner.

Rockerilla Magazine REWIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae12-07-2011

"L’espressività e coesione del lavoro è assolutamente perfetta: ogni nota riporta ai perenni, desolati orizzonti di uno spirito travagliato da tormento, rimorso e disperata tristezza; ogni bagliore sinfonico sprigiona l’onnipresente, anelante tensione verso il misticismo trascendentale. (8/10)" Rockerilla Magazine n.371/372 July/August 2011. 
ROCKERILLA MAGAZINE (legendary Italian rock magazine, printed) is a rock magazine with a difference: it began in 1978 as a punk zine and developed into a Bible for all the alternative music lovers in Italy, its 80s covers being absolutely legendary, from early Cure and Joy Division to The Sisters of Mercy, Danzig and The Cramps. Today Rockerilla uniquely covers a huge spectrum of alternative music, books and contemporary art, and features about 60 pages of reviews. 

Spectra INTERVIEW. Atrium Animae. "Quando il mondo diventerà cenere"06-07-2011

Our interview "Quando il mondo diventerà cenere" [in Italian] for Spectra - Decadent Music Website
Read the interview in the INTERVIEWS section or on Spectra - Decadent Music Website.

The Wild Hunt. Music Mondays: Atrium Animae and Seventh Harmonic04-07-2011

We wish to thank Jason Pitzl-Waters for this beautiful and complete article on The Wild Hunt. Music Mondays
Read the articlein the REVIEWS section or on The Wild Hunt: Music Mondays.

Neuwelt Music REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae29-06-2011

"The album has a lot to offer and has superb vocals backed up by an orchestral way of thinking which means they don’t do things by halves." Rating: 9/10 ! 
Neuwelt Music, the Ireland's one and only Electro, Industrial and Dark Music Webzine....  
Read the review in the REVIEWS section or on Neuwelt Music.

Gothic Paradise REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae22-06-2011

"It's a true masterpiece in portraying many of the moods and feelings of the text and in it's own way there are definitely beautiful facets to the album across each track.  
For fans of various dark ambient, dark folk, neoclassical and medieval music, this is a true treasure for your collection." 
Rating: 4.5/5 ! Gothic Paradise 
Read the review in the REVIEWS section or on Gothic Paradise.

Inferno Rock Magazine REWIEW + Darkroom Magazine REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae20-06-2011

"La perfetta produzione eleva ogni traccia al rango di fulgido gioiello, baciato dal gusto compositivo, dall'innegabile classe e dall'abilità tecnica [...]. Applausi." 
A fantastic review (8,5/10) and an interview on Inferno Rock Magazine n.5 June-July 2011. 
Read the review (in italian) in the REVIEWS section, the interview (in italian)in the INTERVIEWS section, or on Inferno Rock Magazine
[ITA]: L'intervista è ora disponibile anche su Darkroom Magazine

MusicTAP REVIEW + The Morton Report REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae16-06-2011

"Dies Irae is a meticulous exercise in a world completely unlike our present one." 
The Morton Report is the online magazine created by A.D. Morton, a journalist, a notable writer and biographer, known for the biography of Princess Diana. 
"Atrium Animae is primarily the work of two incredibly skilled individuals, who fully understand the music that they create. Notably, it is one thing to be appreciative of a style. That appreciation shows up in bands that attempt to create in that vein of style. 
The talent is there, the ability is there."
Two new beautiful reviews by Matt Rowe, on MusicTAP and on The Morton Report 

Onda Rock REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae14-06-2011

Another amazing review [ITA] + [ENG] 
Read the review in italian and english here, in the REVIEWS section or on Onda Rock. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae11-06-2011

"The choral work from the two main vocal artists is very impressive and the classical music is some of the best in terms of mood.  
Massimiliano Picconi and leading lady Alessia Cicala have crafted quite the art form out of their work. It is more in depth listening experience, that simply treasure for pleasure."
Read the review in the REVIEWS section or on

Amazing Mick Mercer REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae04-06-2011

An AMAZING review by Mick Mercer!!! 
"Mysterious and beguiling heavenly voices in orchestral solitude." 
Mick Mercer is the longest-running Goth and Post-Punk writer in the world. 
During the 80s he wrote regularly for the British music weekly Melody Maker. Since then he has had numerous books about Goth and related subjects published.  
Read the review in the REVIEWS section or on Mick Mercer's Journal.

Fantastic FEARnet REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae04-06-2011

"One of the coolest techniques used on Dies Irae is the intricate layering of vocals, blending multiple tracks of Cicala's operatic voice and weaving it together with different ranges of male vocals. Combined with slow, epic waves of brass and strings, the resulting effect feels like a black cloud passing over a cathedral" 
FEARnet is a cable channel, website and Video on Demand television service owned by Horror Entertainment LLC, a joint venture between Comcast, Lions Gate Entertainment, and Sony Pictures Entertainment. 
Read the review in the REVIEWS section or on FEARnet.

Atrium Animae. Dies Irae | Official Trailer22-05-2011

The official video trailer of Atrium Animae's "Dies Irae". 
The CD is available now on Projekt Records 
Watch on YouTube here:

Spectra - Decadent Music Website REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae16-05-2011

Another amazing review of "Dies Irae", here on Spectra - Decandent Music Website. Read the review in italian and english in the REVIEWS section.

Digipak. Some images13-05-2011

Some beautiful shots of the digipak version of "Dies Irae" are available in the MEDIA section.  

Sounds Behind the Corner REVIEW. Atrium Animae - Dies Irae12-05-2011

An amazing review of "Dies Irae" on Sounds Behind the Corner. Read the review in italian and english here, in the REVIEWS section.

"Dies Irae" available on digital download 01-04-2011

"Dies Irae" is now available on digital download through iTunes and Amazon. 

"Dies Irae" available through Projekt30-03-2011

"Dies Irae" is available through Projekt. 
Online Sale Price: $13.98 
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New Website Online11-03-2011

news/atriumanimae_website.jpgOur new amazing website is now online, always made by Massimiliano. 
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Alessia and Massimiliano

Radio RAI Show.Opening Song.Lacrimosa Dies20-03-2010

Lacrimosa Dies has been chosen as opening song of the Radio Show "Cinema...Vangeli...Su Re" on Radio RAI Sardegna. 
"Cinema...Vangeli...Su Re" is a radio show in eleven parts that presents material taken from the backstage of the movie "Su Re" by Giovanni Columbu, plus lectures and music taken from the movies "Vangelo secondo Matteo" by Pierpaolo Pasolini and "Gesù di Nazareth" by Franco Zeffirelli. 
Here some episodes: